NMRA 2022 Registration

Convention Registration is a one-off registration form and payment that enables you to access the convention itself including all clinics and on-site activities.  Registration will also get you access to book tours and other activities.  Where tours, clinics or activities have further costs, eg transport, entrance fees or materials, these will be notified when the convention activities listing is issued.  Full registration will also give you access to the train show at the end of the convention week.

There will be reduced rate registrations for non-modelling partners and we plan to offer a range of options for those who can only make a day or two.

Early registration will attract benefits so register early!

Formal registration opens two years before the NMRA 2022 convention, ie August 2020, but if you would like to express your interest then please fill out the NMRA 2022 Pre-Registration Form.

Registration FAQ

Can I register for one day, two days, three days during the convention?

Attendees coming for a full week will be able to register for the week.  Day attendees will be able to buy a clinic and on site activities ticket.

Do you need to be a member of the NMRA to register for the convention?

No, you do not need to be a member of the NMRA to register for and attend the convention. Only NMRA members may enter the model and photo contests but all are welcome for the non-judged celebration of models.

I find I can’t attend the convention. How do I cancel my convention registration?

There will be a refund policy issued once registrations open.

What is the difference between Primary Registrant and Companion registrations?

The primary registrant is the party interested in the rail element of the convention. There must be a primary registrant for every family. A companion registrant and/or a family registrant is a family member, living at the same address, who is registering with the primary registrant and is therefore eligible for a reduced registration rate. All registrants are equally eligible to participate in any clinics, tours or other activities, except that entries into the model and photo contests must come from NMRA members.

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