One key feature of every convention is where you are staying.

We have been asked for hotel details since we won the bid in 2016 and unfortunately we cannot give you any definitive information.

The UK has a very different hotel booking culture to the US and although most bids know the hotel 5 years out, the UK hotels won’t even talk to us until 2 years out.  They won’t agree prices until 12 months out.

This is very different to a normal NMRA National Conventions so let me reassure you:

  • There are over 7,000 hotel rooms within a few minutes’ walk of each other in Birmingham city centre
  • This is the quietest part of the year due to the school holidays so competition is low
  • There are a wide range of hotels, many of whom are linked to US chains, so you can use loyalty points to stay
  • We will offer a wide range of accommodation to suit all pockets

The convention location itself is also not yet set.  We have been told to look around 2 years’ out and until we set that, we cannot advise on which hotels are closest.

All this is perfectly normal and there will be plenty of suitable hotels in place ready for your trip!

Hotel and Convention Centre

Which hotel is the convention going to be in?

We cannot say yet but there are 7,000 hotel rooms within 10 minutes’ walk so there will be plenty of options for anyone wishing to find a hotel room.

Are there other nearby eating places other than the hotel?

There are dozens of restaurants in the city centre. We will have more details available at the convention.

Is Wifi free at the hotel?

Wifi is normally free but we will update when the hotel is confirmed.

Where do I book a room for the convention?

Hotel bookings will open in 2022.

Birmingham Hotel

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