Sunday 14 August to Sunday 21 August 2022

The NMRA National Convention is an opportunity to see the best in modelling from across the United Kingdom and further afield. There will be a full week of train and model related activities, time to be a tourist and all finished off with a large model railway exhibition or train show.

If you have never been to a model railway convention before then you are in for a treat. You can choose to come for the whole week to get the full effect or choose to dip in or out for a few days. You will want to see the Train Show.

The week starts on Sunday 14th August 2022 with welcome activities and the next 5 days are jam-packed full of clinics, layout tours, prototype tours, general interest and tourist tours, special presentations and displays.

Whatever your interest, whether UK railways, US or wider afield, there will be something of interest to you.  Check out the relevant pages for more details on clinics, tours, hotels, train show and check our FAQ.

The convention will be attended by NMRA members and model railroaders/railway modellers at large from across the world. Not only do you have the chance to see layouts and railways you’ve never seen before, we’ll also arrange social events so you can meet up and make new friends.

Registration FAQ

Can I register for one day, two days, three days during the convention?

Attendees coming for a full week will be able to register for the week.  Day attendees will be able to buy a clinic and on site activities ticket.

Do you need to be a member of the NMRA to register for the convention?

No, you do not need to be a member of the NMRA to register for and attend the convention. Only NMRA members may enter the model and photo contests but all are welcome for the non-judged celebration of models.

I find I can’t attend the convention. How do I cancel my convention registration?

There will be a refund policy issued once registrations open.

What is the difference between Primary Registrant and Companion registrations?

The primary registrant is the party interested in the rail element of the convention. There must be a primary registrant for every family. A companion registrant and/or a family registrant is a family member, living at the same address, who is registering with the primary registrant and is therefore eligible for a reduced registration rate. All registrants are equally eligible to participate in any clinics, tours or other activities, except that entries into the model and photo contests must come from NMRA members.

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Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice and just next to the convention hotel area is Gas Street basin.

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Coming up next month, an event about 3D printing in Birmingham.

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Photos from NMRA 2022 Convention - Birmingham, UK's post

Been attending the FreeMo South event in Epsom, Surrey UK

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The record-breaking Mallard (in Steam at the UK
National Railway Museum).

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